Red-Life™-Premium Red Yeast Rice Extract

Red-Life™ is red yeast rice extract/Monaconlin-K brand owned by Lifebio. It is produced by unique and excellent strain,and  100% natural fermention technology.  Our Red-Life™ is rich in acidic monacolin-K, bioactive enzymes and a variety of physiologically active substances, ergosterol, γ-aminobutyric acid, a variety of natural unsaturated fatty acids. Red yeast rice extract (monacolin-K) is a natural, safe and effective health food, pharmaceutical raw materials with high nutrition, health, medicinal value, without any toxic side effects.

Lifebio Red yeast rice extract(monacolin-K) facility, founded in 2006, is certified by cGMP. Red yeast rice (monacolin-K) is the product of yeast (Monascus purpureus) grown on white rice. It has been used as traditional Chinese herb medicine over thousand years. As an oral supplement, people take red yeast rice extract (monacolin-K) to lower cholesterol.

Interesting history of red yeast rice (RYR)

Premium Red Yeast Rice Extract





  1. Why Red-Life™ is red yeast rice extract/Monacolin-K?
    1. Lifebio use unique, excellent, patented strain, which identified by Key laboratory of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Ministry of Education
    2. 100% Natural Fermention
    3. Citrinin Free; Allergen Free; GMO-Free
    4. High ratio of acid form Monacolin-K. More easily absorbed by humen body.
    5. Total plate count NMT 1,000 cfu/g without irradiation
  2. Where can i buy Red-Life™ is red yeast rice extract/Monacolin-K?
    1. B2C, We have cooperated retailers in main market in the world.  Email us for contact information.
    2. B2B, We will make delivery directly from China. Contact us to get price.
  3. Is Red-Life™ red yeast rice extracts/Monacolin-K is 100% same as the ingredients in lovastatin?
    Monacolin-K is called natural lovastatin, but they are not 100% same. Lovastatin is lactone form Monacolin k, which has many side effects. Functional red yeast rice extracts contains 80% of acid form Monacolin K and 20% lactone form Monacolin K, which ensures less side effects for human body.
  4. Can you provide contract manufacturing and private label service of Red-Life™ red yeast rice extracts/Monacolin-K?
    Yes we can provide contract manufacturing and private label service according to your request.
  5. Can i sales your Red-Life™ red yeast rice extracts/Monacolin-K all over the world as nutrition food freely?
    No, you have to make sure the rules of target market. For example in the U.S market, Red Yeast Rice Extract/Monaconlin-K is managed as a drug.
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