Type II Collagen


Product: Collagen Type II

Appearance: white powder

Specification: Non-hydrolyzed or hydrolyzed

Source: Chicken Cartilage

Other name: Type II Collagen; Non-hydrolyzed Type II Collagen; Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen


What is Collagen Type II?

Type II collagen is a fibrillar protein made up of 3 long alpha chains of amino acids that form a tightly packed network of fibrils and fibers. This fibrillar network of collagen allows cartilage to entrap the proteoglycan aggregate as well as provide tensile strength to the tissue.

Type II collagen makes up 50-60% of protein in cartilage and 85-90% of collagen in articular cartilage.  It is what gives cartilage its tensile strength and elasticity, thereby enabling it to support the joints, also helps in the binding process with the help of fibronectin and other collagens.

Oral administration of native type II collagen induces oral tolerance to pathological immune responses and useful in arthritis.


What is the benifits, difference between type II collagen and type I collagen?

Collagen Type Location Structure/ Peptide chain Benifits
Type I


Skin & Bone Three chains

(two alpha 1 & one alpha 2chain)

Nutrition Support

(Skin, Bone)

Type II


Cartilage Three chains

(three alpha 1 chains)

Nutrition Support (Joint,Cartilage)




What is the benifits, difference between Hydrolyzed and Non-hydrolyzed type II collagen?

Type II collagen Molecular weight Structure/ Peptide chain Benifits
Non-hydrolyzed NLT 300,000 DA Orginal Three chains

(Only M.W over 300,000 could keep it)

Hydrolyzed Average 1,000 DA Orginal Structure are totally Hydrolyzed Nutrition Support


How does Non-hydrolyzed Type II collagen Work?

Under the action of gastric acid and pepsin, Type II collagen is partially hydrolyzed to form sologen, which still maintains the 3-chains structure and the epitope is exposed

APC cells process and present antigen peptides via MHC molecules to activate regulatory T cells (Treg) and Reach inflammatory joints through blood circulation, also lymphatic circulation.

Improve arthritis symptoms and promote normal joint repair.


Recommended Dosage of Hydrolyzed and Non-hydrolyzed type II collagen

Hydrolyzed Type II collagen: 1g/day for skin care; 2g/day for joint care

Non-hydrolyzed type II collagen: 40mg/day