Elastin peptide

Product Details:

Product: Elastin Collagen peptide

Appearance: white powder

Specification: Average Molecular weight 1,000 DA

Origin: Bovine

Other name: Elastin Collagen


What is Elastin Collagen?

Elastin Collagen is a protein contained in elastic tissues such as the skin and blood vessels. It makes bundles of collagen fibers and supports the dermis. Elastin Collagen has a molecular weight of about 67,000 and is composed of 700-760 amino acids, rich in proline and glycine. The levels of Elastin Collagen in human body decline after peaking about 25 years old..

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Elastin in skin

How does Elastin Collagen work?

Tissue elasticity-elastic fibers and collagen fibers are intertwined, giving the tissue toughness and elasticity, limiting its excessive stretch, and preventing tissue tearing.

During the synthesis of Elastin Collagen, cross-linking forms unique amino acids that only exist in Elastin Collagen-astrin and iso-catenin. The existence of these is the main reason for the Elastin Collagen network’s multi-directional stretching properties.


What are the benifits of Elastin Collagen?

  1. Skin Care—(Elastic fibers and collagen fibers are intertwined to give the tissue toughness and elasticity, respectively. It could reduce the number of wrinkles, effectively improve the depth and maximum width of wrinkles)
  2. Breast Care—(Elastic support Cooper’s ligament. Cooper’s ligament is fiber bundles between the leaves of the mammary glands that are perpendicular to the skin.)
  3. Suport strong and young blood vessel
  4. Improve ligament function—(Promote cell proliferation, promote collagen / Elastin Collagen expression, inhibit bone differentiation, and inhibit ligament ossification)


Why Lifebio Elastin Collagen?

  1. Low Molecular weight, much easier to absorbed by body
  2. Halal/Kosher Bovine origin
  3. cGMP manufacturing

Recommended Dosage of Lifebio Elastin Collagen peptide