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Lifebio always manufacture top class herbal extract, and control the quality “from farm to pharm”. We believe best extract comes from best raw materials. Lifebio sourcing team consist of field experts, agronomists and product experts. This structure greatly improve the standardization of natural raw materials. At the mean time. extending our herbal product traceability from finished products to farm. We verify the reliability of our partners through stringent quality practices and work closely with growers and pickers to ensure optimal yield and guarantee a high quality extract at the end of the process. Lifebio meticulously examines each batch of raw material while in the field macroscopically, and in our certified state-of- the-art laboratory for identity, potency, and purity. Lifebio sourcing team travels almost every day to audit reliable organic farm and wild raw material in China. We are known for sustainable own organic farms, long-terms farming partners, license of wild resource, QA, R&D.