Lifebio/Allicin Pharm started from an innovation company. Our dynamic R & D team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality ingredients and customized solutions. It is the most important department of our group.

  1. For GarLife™ Garlic Products, we had got 17 national patents and 2 international patents, one postdoctoral corporate site, developed Innovative drugs based on Garlic
    • Drug A: Treatment of myocardial infarction Alliin / Alliinase (Garlic Enzymes) Enteric Multilayer Tablets ( Safety assessment and pharmacodynamics experiment completed; And Allicinpharm had obtained the support from national major new drug creation project)
    • Drug B: Alliin/Alliinase (Garlic Enzymes) Anti-infection innovative drugs ( Safety assessment and pharmacodynamics experiment completed)
    • Drug C:Allicin against deep fungal infection injection
    • Drug D:Alliin Treatment of Chronic Airway Inflammatory Diseases
    • Drug E: Alliinase (Garlic Enzymes) treatment of homocysteine hyperlipidemia
  2. For Red-Life™ red yest rice extract with monacolin-K
    • Deeply cooperation with Jiangnan University, Key laboratory of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Ministry of Education
    • Patented strain to make sure best quality.
    • Monacolin-K is natural lovastatin, which had been managed as a drug in U.S market.
  3. For Herbal Extract, Organic Natural Ingredients, Our experienced scientific team combine their expertise with the latest technological innovations.
    • Isolate, identify and develop botanical and specialty ingredients to meet market demand.
    • Research and develop cutting-edge ingredients and functional formulas.
    • Explore new applications for existing traditional and modern herbal extracts.
    • Develop and improve industry leading manufacturing processes.
Lifebio/Allicin Pharm R&D Leading Team
Professor.Zhong; Professor.Chen ; Dr.Lee; Allicin Pharm R&D team